Gobricks Loose Bricks: Everything You Need To Know

LEGO is arguably one of the most popular toys in the world, with a variety of different products being released each year. The LEGO company has gone global with movies and video games, but is there an alternative to LEGO that could work with LEGO and help you fill up on more bricks to build your ideas?

Gobricks is a company based in China, which started in 2017 and has grown in popularity ever since. Since they are an ideal LEGO alternative, they are also compatible with LEGO bricks and can significantly enhance your LEGO collection at an alternative price. 

Let’s find out more about this fascinating company in China:

What Is Gobricks?

Gobricks might be relatively new to many people, but this Chinese company has been around since 2017. Whilst the initial start was slow as people were still convinced that LEGO was the way to go, the company boomed in 2019. Since then, they have been growing each year and I recently had the opportunity to see how they stack up against other significant brick brands.

From what I have gathered, Gobricks does not sell sets as LEGO does and this means that you might not be able to buy a LEGO or "Gobricks” death star like you would when you are buying LEGO. However, they sell loose bricks in all shapes and sizes, making them one of the best enhancements for your current LEGO sets.

I have found that I could significantly enhance my LEGO collection and allow me to build different objects and ideas that I have previously hoped the LEGO company could bring to fruition. However, they often only focus on mainstream designs when producing sets, which is where Gobricks has enabled me to build brand-new ideas that might be a bit more abstract. 

Is Gobricks Compatible With LEGO?

I initially thought that Gobricks would be a big competitor to the LEGO brand and the idea is to bring numerous sets to the market that would create a cheaper and more affordable version of the LEGO brand. However, this is not the case and Gobricks does stand along with LEGO as an alternative, but there is more.

After picking up a pack of Gobricks loose bricks, I could notice that there are plenty of similarities between the two. While you won’t have a LEGO logo on every knob of every brick like LEGO, they stack up perfectly. Almost all the Gobricks that I tested were compatible with LEGO bricks in some shape.

This has led me to believe that they can be the perfect enhancement for LEGO bricks. Since buying loose LEGO bricks can be a daunting task for many people and you often need to source them from used-product websites like eBay, you might not know what you are getting. However, new Gobricks are available for purchase as loose bricks to enhance your LEGO experience.

Gobricks Features Explained

Now that you have some basic insight into the company and what Gobricks are, we should also consider looking at some of their features. The best way to do this is to break them down into subsections and see how they stack up against other brick brands in terms of quality, durability, strength, etc.


If we consider LEGO first, I think we all know how durable LEGO bricks can be. If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of stepping on a LEGO brick, you will remember just how painful it can be to do so. 

Having used Gobricks as I would normally do when using LEGO, I can confidently say that I have never had a LEGO brick or Gobrick ever break. This does not mean if you leave it outside and your dog chooses it as a chew toy that the bricks will not break. However, Gobricks when used as intended often remain durable and would be functional as well.

Color Options

Gobricks are available in a wide array of different colors, which starts from traditional neutral colors like brown and gray to the more vibrant reds and blues we often associate with LEGO bricks. Since they are sold as loose bricks in packs with a couple of bricks, you will often find that you get a whole host of different colors.

Mixing and matching these with your LEGO bricks would be easy and after building a few things. However, I did find that there is a wider variety of colors when comparing LEGO to Gobricks, which could give you more variety to choose from.

When it comes to the similar colors, they are often very close to one another and only the trained color eye would see a few differences. However, some of the other Gobricks colors would certainly stand out when compared to LEGO.

Gobricks unique colors


We all know what makes LEGO bricks so special and this is often because they easily fit together and come apart when you use them. Gobricks tend to be similar, but they feel a bit more occlusive than LEGO bricks. 

I have noticed that using Gobricks with other Gobricks will be frictionless and they have the same feeling that LEGO would have when you build with them. However, they tend to be stiffer than LEGO bricks and when you use them together, you will have a little bit of friction. The great thing is that the friction would work itself out over time.


Comparing the prices of Gobricks to that of LEGO is one of the hardest things you can do. If you live in the United States, it is daunting to get Gobricks and there are no Gobricks stores as of this article. You will notice that when searching for them online, they tend to be slightly cheaper than LEGO and are often considered a cheaper alternative.

However, they can be expensive when you buy them via websites due to the third parties often taking their cuts. Fortunately, most people understand and know the prices of LEGO and this ensures that they often ask for far cheaper prices for Gobricks.

How To Purchase Gobricks? – Webrick

As previously mentioned, getting your hands on Gobricks can be daunting, especially for those living in the United States. However, Webrick is one of the best places I have seen you can buy a wide variety of loose bricks for your Gobricks collection. With speedy delivery and fast processing, they tend to offer some of the best prices as well.

Instead of struggling through various online retailers and HOPING that the bricks you purchase will arrive on time or that you get the correct order, Webrick would ensure this.

Webrick also partners with 10 domestic factories, which ensures you have access to a wide variety of brick options and brands. The idea is to cater to the price and quality needs of every person in the world and make sure that you can buy the bricks that meet your needs.

What Other Reviewers Say About Gobricks?

Since the inception of the brand in 2017 and the significant boom it had in 2019, Gobricks has gained a lot of support. Here are some of the thoughts from a few reviewers:


  • “The quality from any of those is honestly very good, nice colors, shiny bricks, no significant shape or scratches problem” – Reddit User
  • “Son said great details. With LEGO classic compatible. The delivery is fast. I recommend it” Aliexpress Shopper


These are only two of hundreds of reviews you can find spread across the web, which all have great things to say. I should mention that Gobricks have had very few bad reviews and I have tried to find them.


If you are looking to enhance your LEGO building experience and you only need a few extra bricks to make some ideas come to life, Gobricks should be one of your best options. They have boomed significantly over the last few years and we could not find any complaints. If you are a previous user or owner of Gobricks, I would love to see some of your thoughts and reviews in the comment section.