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About Webrick

Who we are

Here at Webrick, we are a team of passionate AFOBs, Adult Fans of Bricks. We love building, as well as seeing what users all over the world can do with simple plastic bricks. However, we noticed there was one glaring issue in the market, easy access to alternative Lego building blocks. That is why we founded Webrick, to provide people all over the globe with a convenient way to order high-quality and reasonably priced alternative LEGO® bricks.

What we do

Since the beginning, our number one goal has been to connect brick fans with the highest quality and most affordable LEGO® compatible building blocks. To achieve this goal, we partnered with the very best manufacturers available, including Sembo, Kazi, Decool, and more. This ensures our customers will have access to the widest variety of parts and colors to choose from while offering budget-friendly prices. 

While our partners are in charge of producing the best alternative bricks around, what we do is handle everything in between. That means working together to forge relationships with high-quality manufacturers and sorting partners, while also creating the easiest to use and most flexible platform for our customers. 

Ultimately, we want our website to be the most convenient way for customers to get their hands on building blocks while being effortless to use. This will allow you to spend more time building and doing what you love, and we’ll handle all the rest–such as sourcing the parts from our partners, sorting and packaging, and getting it sent out to you as quickly as possible. 

Friendly shopping experience and our custom part list upload tool

In order to be the best, we know that means listening to our customers. We value your feedback, and that is why we’ll often reach out to the community as we search for ways to improve your shopping experience. 

Our innovative upload tool is a perfect example of this. Over time, it has evolved as we’ve partnered with new brands and based on customer feedback, but we’re not stopping there. Recently, we updated the site with new features requested by users like you, with plans for several more upgrades to come in the near future. 

Why choose us

Webrick is the only company that provides customers with a way to upload a parts list and source parts from multiple manufacturers. We then collaborate with our partners on procuring, sorting, and packaging your order into one package for worldwide shipping. 

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