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When shopping for bricks, you may encounter the following dilemmas:

- Buying more than 1000 different types of bricks, you have to add them into your cart one by one.
- If the website or seller you often visit don't have the bricks you want, you should spend a lot of time on searching other websites;
- Many times, you need to go to multiple websites to get all the parts you want, making a list and figuring out which parts can be purchased in which store;
- After 6 hours of hard selection, you suddenly find that you cannot afford the total cost.

These are the most frustrating moments for purchasing building bricks.


That is why we created Webrick. Webrick was born for MOC enthusiasts and those people whose enthusiasm for building bricks is stopped by the high expense and the terrible shopping experience.

Webrick provides a convenient and fast one-click order service. You can upload a document(eg, CSV, XML, BSX, etc), listing the parts and quantity you want. In less than a second, the matching result will appear on the page. You can clearly see which parts are in stock and the price of each one. If you want, you can buy those parts in an order with one click. We do understand that there are millions of bricks(different types and colors), and the situation of missing parts always happens. But we will continually work hard on adding more and more parts into our inventory. Our mission is to become the top bricks retailer and wholesaler.

We own a warehouse more than 3000 square meters, and we also have a professional logistics center for international business. All of the products management are completed in this center, like purchasing, warehousing, sorting, packaging, sending, etc.

Once again, our mission is to become the top bricks retailer and wholesaler with the most abundant bricks type.

Let's brick the world together !!!


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