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Terms of Service

You must abide by the following rules in order to use the services offered by Webrick. Failure to do so may result in your account being removed, or permanently banned. The admin team may, without warning, remove any content considered to violate these terms.



By creating an account on Webrick you agree to the below terms and conditions. 

  1. You may only have one account per person.
  2. You must provide current and accurate details within your account.
  3. Any content submitted to Webrick should not be inappropriate or offensive.


Submitting Content to Webrick

Content Ownership

You must not upload materials that you do not own. This includes submitting MOCs designed by others (unless you had a joint role in the creation of the MOC/Instructions), and photos or other images that you did not create yourself.

All materials related to MOCs uploaded to Webrick, remain owned by the original content creator. However, Webrick may choose to use images or renders of 3D models in its marketing material and promotions.


MOC Submissions

Once your MOC is published, you have the right to change its content or request its removal.

If the links on your MOCs stop working for an extended duration, we will remove the MOC.

MOCs may NOT be re-used on other sites without explicit permission from the MOC designer.


Copyright for MOCs

Your MOCs must adhere to the following rules:

  1. You must be the original designer of the model, and not submitting it on behalf of someone else - unless you are working in partnership/as a team.
  2. Your model must not be based heavily on someone else's MOC.
  3. If your model has some design elements from another MOC, you must credit the original MOC's designer. If the similarities are too high, your MOC might be rejected.

Failure to adhere to these rules will have your submissions rejected, existing MOCs removed, and/or your account banned for repeated offenses.


Trademarked Terms

When submitting a MOC, it is important to avoid using trademarked terms in the name. For instance, if you submit a MOC called "Star Wars," a term trademarked by Disney, it will not be permitted. In case you have to submit MOCs with trademarked terms, it is mandatory to ensure that you do not make any profit from them.


Image Submissions

Any photos you submit to be added to the comment must have been taken by yourself. You must not upload photos that were taken from other sites.



You are expected to remain civil and polite in all discussions with Webrick admins and other users, for example via comments or private messages. Any abuse, use of offensive language, preaching, begging for freebies, or trolling will not be tolerated. Commenting on MOCs and complaining about their prices or asking for free instructions is not acceptable. If you don't like a MOC or think it's too expensive, there is no need to abuse the designer about it.


Inappropriate Content

We do not allow content that depicts: heavy violence, drug use, or sexual content.

No personally identifiable information can be submitted to Webrick - in MOCs, photos, comments, etc.

You must not use excessively vulgar language in your comments, messages, or publicly viewable information such as usernames or profile descriptions.



Unsolicited posts or messages advertising external products or services are not allowed. Spam posts in comments, private messages, etc.


Conducting Business

You may use Webrick to sell your MOCs. For more information, please visit here for help.

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