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What our customers say
Thanks Webrick.com team for the great parts for my MOC Space Launch Systen Block 1.With 12,643 parts it was one of my largest orders at Webrick.com so far. The parts were of good quality, as always, so the model was easy to build. As always, I am very satisfied. I've been a regular customer for almost a year now and everything has always been to my satisfaction. The team is always friendly and always helpful.
Bjorn Voss
Thank you webrick.com for helping me find all the hard to get, specialty pieces at a great low price. The selection is top notch and the variety of colors is truly helpful. It's nice to order a hundred of a piece and not cry about the price. I could not have finished my castle or made it so detailed without you. Thank you.
Shea H
I'm slowly coming back to LEGO and especially on MOC, chance does things well and it's chance that made me fall on Webrick. After spending some time looking for a Star Wars MOC that I quite liked, I settled on the X-Wing model from Quarries Workshop. A small detour to Webrick with the necessary inventory, a small order in stride, and hope we patiently await the arrival of the parts. The construction was not the most complicated but we feel that some parts have a little flexible plastic. Some do not fit perfectly, and others do not have a clean rendering. It does not matter, an exchange with official bricks is enough most of the time to consolidate the model which is absolutely beautiful! Let's face it, it's super advantageous on the price side to go through Webrick and we can finally make the models we dream of.
Loic B
My first moc that's been built is the audi a8 I used webrick for all the extra parts needed and found that the parts and service were great I had no problems at all and highly recommend them.
Lei T
My Shelby Corba is built with excellent parts from WeBrick. The quality is just as good as Lego but the price is much lower. And Webricks has more colors than lego. I recommend it very much.
Helge M
My Shelby Corba is built with excellent parts from WeBrick. The quality is just as good as Lego but the price is much lower. And Webricks has more colors than lego. I recommend it very much.
Helge M
Using webrick was very easy, and the upload tool was very useful. I just had to find the model I wanted to build and import the parts list from rebrickable. 99 percent of the parts I needed were not only available but in stock as well. The parts arrived quickly and in good condition and I had no problems building the model. I would gladly use webrick again and recommend it to other fans of bricks.
Quinn W
I bought a collection of pieces that would allow me to do lots of different little builds and it's been great. I'm so glad I discovered webrick! The quality is fantastic and the price is unbeatable. I'll definitely be back for more!
Jen C
I built an army of Wall-Es! I couldn't have done it without @webrick_com. Every piece is perfect and looks great, I would highly recommend them. Can't wait to keep expanding my collection!
Eitan C
A friend told me about Webrick. Such a nice service. I've ordered parts for this little project. The parts are great! Excellent "clutch-power". The customer service is excellent too. I definitely will be ordering again soon!
Hans T
Here are two of my moc's. "The robber baron's tower and my Forestman outpost." All my moc's or mod's would not be possible without the cheap and high quality bricks from @webrick.com.
Christian R
I finally finished my cosplay, using @webrick_com bricks! There high quolity bricks were perfect for this project! I recommend you check out there website!
David A
I'm so pleased with Webrick! The process of ordering parts was simple and the ability to replace out-of-stock parts at the push of a button saved a lot of time and hassle! Amazing quality bricks that slot together really nicely, not to mention that the order was supposed to take 15-20 days... and it came in 10! Can't wait to put these ships on display! Absolutely going to order again!
Steve S
Here is my custom UCS Venator designed by tanbrickz but modified by me. This Venator was built using 90% default/go brick parts sourced through webrick. It is Tanbrickz design modified by me main modifications are internal and on the bridge and nose.The brick clutch and quality are great, though I was sent some wrong parts and some parts missing which I replaced via bricklink. There are mismatches in colour gradient due to the different default suppliers but from far you can not tell. Overall very happy with this model and bricks. I have built many more models using webrick parts.
Max D
Just finished adding all new pavement to my Lego city MOC using webrick tiles, they worked out great and the price and quick delivery couldn't be beaten, we definitely are using them again.
Sean L
Decided to try webrick.com to build my own forest scene and I wasn't disappointed! The prices are market leading and fully compatible with other brick providers! One of my go to websites for scene building from now on.
Adam W
Finally got all the pieces for this custom Jedi starfighter! Webrick's Upload Tool made the process of choosing and ordering bricks incredibly easy. The brick quality is also absolutely amazing and at a great cost. Overall, I could not be happy with my Webrick purchase, and I will definitely be ordering from them again!
Levi G
I always wanted the death star, but it was too much money. With Webrick, I was able to complete most of the set for a way better price than any other store. The pieces are good quality and worked fine in my build.
Carson W
Webrick parts are fully compatible with Legos. No difference in quality or color. You can find almost all you want on their website. No need to buy from several places. I'm fully satisfied and the cost is very low so I intend to purchase more in the near future.--from John l.
John l
I'm a huge fan of webrick!. I've placed 5 orders so far and will continue to keep ordering. I love their product and find the quality as excellent as other leading brands. Their ease of ordering, color variety, and pricing is by far the best available and exceeds the competition. This is the best place to get parts for MOCS.
Peter B
Thanks to @webrick.com I've finally been able to create a model of the Nebulon B Frigate! @webricks.com has an easy to navigate website along with a wide selection of parts in a variety of colors to choose from, and my order was shipped quickly! I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for quality parts at a low price!
Matthew H
I bought bricks to make an original design of the Skeld (Among Us). If you're looking to buy bricks in bulk, these are an excellent choice! They interlock well with Lego bricks and have the perfect color palette to match. They are a great price value and I found my order to be exactly what I wanted! I'll definitely be purchasing more bricks for my future projects.
Erin E
Here are my constructions of Star Wars helmets and trains, Hogwarts Express and other models. I chose Webrick to get all the bricks, it has a wide range of types and colors. I am very happy, it is also very easy to add the lists of bricks to make the search easier.
Jcmadrona J
This is my new just finished Star Wars Tie Interceptor. I decided to try (with some pieces of my bulk)@webbrick_com bricks and I can say that they are of Quality, Competence and Speed in Shipping. I recommend it to all those who, like me are crazy about bricks!!!
Marco C
This is my first moc build. I have always loved lego since I have a kid. Recently I have dusted off my old sets and have been inspired again by webrick. The prices are awesome and I cant stop building since I've discovered this site! I feel like a kid again! Thank you webrick!
Donavin A
Out of all the other brick sites I have purchased through, @webrick_com is by far the easiest and most affordable option. Their upload tool makes it incredibly easy to purchase a large number of parts and even suggests substitutes for out-of-stock or unavailable parts! I am incredibly satisfied with their outstanding service and fast shipping and will continue to be a happy customer well into the future.
Ryan J
I got the plan of this death star at little cost, then I wanted to order the Lego pieces on a site, when I saw the price I was dead because the price was very high. I searched the Internet to find other parts company and I came across WeBrick. I have never ordered from Lego again and simply on WeBrick because the pieces are exceptional and very cheap. My Brickheads except the original ones were always built with WeBrick. I highly recommend these pieces without a doubt.
Benoit B
Thanks to you I have managed to rebuild my childhood space sets which I got 25 years ago.
@webrick_com made it possible to create sets that are affordable. Bricks are comparable to the name brand and customer service is top-notch! Will definitely be buying more in the future. Thank you Webrick for making bricks more affordable to all!
Vince L
Thanks to Webrick, the Star Destroyer Nemesis by onecase is finally part of my collection! I saved almost $100 by using @webrick_com bricks and the quality was great! Thanks to Webrick, I can afford awesome MOCs and still support MOC creators! I look forward to buying from them again!
Nicolas O
I present to you my BRICKHEADz collection. On hand is my newest character OGGY the cat. I've been using @Webrick_com bricks for a while to build models. With a wide choice of colors and shapes, I chose it because of the very good quality and glossiness of the bricks and tiles. I always recommend my friends when they are looking for bricks for projects. I hope you will expand on more colors and types of bricks and I thank you for helping me turn the idea into reality.
Anh T
1st order at Webrick.com and it won't be the last! Complete order received within 10 days for France. My daughter was delighted with the quality of the bricks, we were able to build the train of our favorite roller coaster. I can only recommend this company where I will order again to make other MOCs.
Kevin D
Finally, here they are!! Nürnberg and Mainz, 2 Ships I couldn't realize without the amazing service of WeBrick and their awesome selection of Bricks. The bigger one (Mainz) was fully realized with Default Parts and the Quality is for my purpose perfect. Thank you WeBrick Team!
Kevin K
Thanks to You I have managed to build wall-e to complete my collection.
I design and model plants with building bricks. I use an interactive process that requires having a wide variety of pieces and colors available. WEBRICK provides the high quality pieces I need at a very affordable price. Sometimes they are the only source for a particular piece in the color that I need for a project. Many parts from WEBRICK cost one tenth the price of other sources. In addition to WEBRICK's high quality affordable bricks, I also appreciate their numerous shipping options.
David T
Absolutely perfect! Exactly what I needed and made such beautiful flowers! Arrived quickly 10/10 will buy again
Savannah P
Wanting to try something a little different, I set out to build a little Japanese mountain top scene scape on one of my empty shelves. After pricing out the cost of the necessary bricks elsewhere I turned to webrick.com, and after I saw the drastic savings compared to other sites, I decided to give them a try. The bricks I received were phenomenal! They blend seamlessly with other bricks in my collection and I can't wait to use them again on my next project!
Beau V
This is my 18th-century frigate MOC with more than 4000 pieces. I always wanted to make a big LEGO sailing ship but the difficulty of getting all the pieces and the high price held me back. When I discovered Webricks and its wonderful upload tool that allowed me to upload the lists of thousands of parts exported from my Studio model, I was finally encouraged to build it. The pieces are of very good quality, nothing to envy to LEGO pieces and they are cheaper. Ideal for all types of MOCs. I am very satisfied with all the parts purchased, now whenever I need parts for a MOC I go to Webrick.
Christian G
And here it is! The F-22 Raptor is finally done! I decided to try out @webrick_com bricks to make this model and it turns out they have very competent pieces! I highly recommend them if you want to save some money on big models!
David A. (aka handsolo99)
I made a model synagogue using webrick pieces. I just built the model in Stud.io, uploaded the parts list to webrick and the parts came in the mail!
Leonard C
Let's be very honest here. When I ordered I thought I was getting real Lego bricks for pennies on the dollar. I got the bricks quickly and realized my mistake. Well the bricks are here, I thought, I might as well build my model and in all honesty, these are some of the best Lego compatible bricks I've seen. Better than mega block. Some were a bit lose and some a bit tight, but overall I was extremely happy with the order. And with the money I saved will definitely order again... and again... and again. Good job webrick !
Stephane C
Here are some of my MOC's, I love building in different colors and styles, I found Webrick when searching for parts in uncommon colors and instantly became impressed by the available variety, the selection of pieces in rare and even new colors is astounding and I immediately decided to check out some of the parts, the bricks are of high quality, the color matching is great, I've made several orders since discovering webrick and I'm completely happy with my resulting builds.
Wallace W
Present to you my creation, a semi-automatic revolver! This was possible thanks to the high-quality pieces from @webrick.com, I highly recommend purchasing their pieces on this site, they are of very good quality and have super fast shipping, I would definitely buy again.
Irving S
Here is my star wars AT-AT Pilot helmet MOC. I used webrick.com to source a lot of the parts. Great service, easy to upload my parts list, and really quick delivery. The bricks are good quality and I will definitely be using webrick again.
Andy I
I used the bricks I got in the sample bag to make a thing for my stepson
Christine M
I ordered the parts for this MOC via the Webrick Upload Tool, which is quite helpful. Shipping was ok, parts quality also. I really like the possibility to order exactly the parts you need for your build. Since this order, I made some more orders for other MOCs - because ?rare" parts are here the same price as normal parts.
It is a moc based on the old vintage train station. I have used Webricks pieces due to the color availability and large available quantities. Also, all pieces are new... That means no dust and no color variations!! Webrick bricks are perfectly working, they fit snugly. Color is consistent throughout different items. I couldn't be happier about purchasing bricks from Webrick.com
Marco L
I finally managed to make thanks to the pieces taken from webrick, excellent in the colors, perfect in the joints, and special in the price, really recommended for large and small projects .
Riccardo Q
At first, I was a bit skeptical of non-lego bricks since I have always been building with Legos. However, there is a limited promotional build that I really want to have in my collection. After researching online and seeing how expensive it would cost, I decided that I should give WeBrick a chance. And it wasn't disappointing at all. I ordered bricks to build a tensegrity structure and Stranger Things' Castle Byers. The brick was sturdy and high quality enough to make the transition from Lego to WeBrick seamless. I found that the building experience not only did not deteriorate but elevated to a whole new level because I can now build things that were too expensive for me before. I wholeheartedly recommend WeBrick for people who want to build affordable but high-quality MOCs and Promotional sets as I have already ordered another batch of bricks immediately after receiving my first order.
Kevin D
I'm delighted to be able to make my favorite MOC using webrick's blocks. They have a wide variety of parts and colors, the shipments are fast and the way to search for parts is very comfortable. I will continue to trust webrick to do all my sets.
Finally finished the HK416! So happy with the parts Webrick gave me, they were high quality and withstood the forces of the gun shooting. There is also a huge amount of colors to choose from on the Webrick website, and I used many of these in the build. They gave me high quality at a low price and I will definitely use their parts for future builds.
Lewis P
Here is my working model of a Micro-Uzi made of Webrick bricks. I thought of buying pieces from Webrick because I got recommended by a youtuber Snyzer Tech. He makes nice models of guns with bricks from Webrick. The brick quality is awesome. You can choose colours and particular parts. I personally recommend Webrick as a source of nice and affordable bricks to save some money.
@webrick_com had exactly the pieces I needed in order to build my magnolia blossoms. They have a ton of different pieces in a wide variety of colors and you can't beat the price anywhere! I highly recommend Webrick for your next building block needs.
Terry O
What would have cost me over $100 on other sites, cost me less than $20 on Webrick! Only took one week to deliver to Kentucky. 100% satisfied with this order and all my previous orders. Thanks Webrick!!
I recently placed an order for the sample pack as well as a bunch of different minifigure accessories and window and door pieces. I was really impressed with the quality and color matching of the parts. The seams on some of the parts are more obvious than they would be in lego and the parts seemed to be beveled a bit more than lego, but these issues don't bother me. One major appeal for me was also how cheap shipping is, definitely sets it above any competing brands. I plan to make another order very very soon. I can't wait to send in a photo when my house is done. Thanks Webrick!
Jeremy W

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