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The order fulfillment time of Gobricks will be extended to 12 - 15 business days during the peak season; The pure default parts orders will keep be fulfilled in 3 - 5 business days. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Webrick default parts trial and clearance sale

Try Default Parts

What's the difference between Gobricks and default parts? This question comes up a lot. But it's a little hard to explain this question clearly in a few sentences and give practical guidance.

What we notice is that the color consistency is best with Gobricks because all parts are from a singular source. Default parts are from different factories and different brands, but the clutch and quality are fine from the feedback of our community. People's feelings are different so the best option is to take a test order to check by yourself.

Here is a good chance for you to do a test of our default parts.

Join our discussion at discord: https://discord.com/invite/7DNm2suj7W
Default Parts Random Lot Trial Campaign
Default 1kg Parts Clearance Sale
Occasionally factories will have some parts leftover when fulfilling orders. In situations such as these, they will make a deal to clear out this
additional inventory at a lower cost. We have recently acquired some lots of these parts from our manufacturing partners, and we will be
offering them to our customers in quantities of 1kg at bargain prices. This way it's a win for everyone involved, the factory gets to offload its
unused product and we get to sell the same high-quality parts to you at a reduced price.
Ready Time: 5 Days

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