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webrick.com Wanted List Feature

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Webrick is the Wanted List, which is the most important and powerful feature on our site. It allows you to manage your part lists and share your designs with others. We will introduce you to the functions of the Wanted list here. You can click directly on the section below that you want to learn about.

How to Create Wanted Lists

You may create your Wanted List from several places.

  • Upload tool
  • Product page
  • Shopping Cart

Upload tool

It can easily add a bunch of items to your Wanted Lists by the upload tool. The "Add to Wanted List" button will appear above the match result after the upload tool presents the match result. If you want to know how to use the tool, please click here.



If you click "Add to Wanted List", please note that just available and out-of-stock items will be added to your Wanted Lists (existing or new).


Product page

On the product page, the “Add to Wanted List" can be found next to the “Add to Cart” button. The button remains active regardless of whether the item is currently in stock or not, allowing you to easily add any number of any item to your Wanted List.



Shopping Cart

On the shopping cart page, the “Add to Wanted List" can be found in the upper right corner.



This feature is suitable for customers who have many items in their shopping carts and don’t want to order these items at present, and after adding them to your Wanted List, they can manage the items very well.


How to Manage Wanted Lists

There are two ways to access your Wanted Lists. 


Click “My Account” in the upper right corner of the website, and then click “My Wanted List”



Click “View my Wanted List” after adding the items to your Wanted List in the pop-up box



Our Wanted Lists contain many features that allow you to manage your Wanted Lists well. Here we will show you how to make good use of the Wanted Lists.

  • Wanted Lists Overview
  • Upload New Items
  • Download Items
  • What can I use the other buttons for?


Wanted Lists Overview

In the “My Wanted List” section of the Account Dashboard, you are able to see all your existing Wanted Lists. It is straightforward to see the types and numbers of the items, and the percentage of match results for each Wanted List, with a button to quickly copy the share link.



Upload New Items

There are several ways to add new items to the new or existing Wanted List. You can navigate to the ”how to create Wanted List“ section to learn more.

If you want to add new items to the Wanted List on the Wanted List page, you need to select the Wanted List you want to add the parts and click the “Upload” button on the right side.



Our parts upload tool is integrated into the Wanted List page, so just upload your part list to the tool, after the match result is represented, you can choose what parts (in-stock and out-of-stock) will be added to the Wanted List.


Download Items

On the right side, you also can see the “Download” button. You are able to download the entire Wanted List with in-stock and out-of-stock items. You can simply download the out-of-stock items in XML format and look for the out-of-stock parts elsewhere.



What can I use the other buttons for?

Share: Easy to copy the share link by clicking the “Share” button.

Select Box: Select the items you want to make changes to, such as move, copy, add to cart, etc.

Move: Move the selected items to another existing or new Wanted List. The items will disappear from the original Wanted List and will only exist in the Wanted List you moved to.

Copy: Copy the selected items to another existing or new Wanted List. These items will remain on both the original Wanted List and another Wanted List that you copy to.




How to Monitor Item Inventory

Sometimes you need items that may not be currently in stock, so you cannot purchase those items. The inventory monitoring feature will help you monitor the parts inventory automatically, so there is no need to manually check the inventory! This also helps you buy most items from our website as much as possible! For now, the parts that have not been recognized can’t be added to the Wanted List. We will update that later.

Here, we’ll show you how to enable automatic monitoring and get notified when the items you want are in stock.

  • Enabling Item Monitoring
  • Set the conditions


Enabling Inventory Monitoring

The "Inventory Notice" section is located at the top of the page.

Toggle the switch to enable monitoring to set up the parameters and get notified. Alternatively, click on the “Configure” button to set specific monitoring parameters.


Set the conditions

The stock criterion is applied to the matched items only. The inventory is changing frequently so you better to order once you receive the email.

There are two conditions:

Items in stock

The more items in stock mean the better chance you can replace them with other available colors to get the full set.


Pieces in stock

The more pieces in stock mean you need to spend less money to find parts elsewhere.


After our unmatched items are available to add to the Wanted List, you can take better control of the full set.


How to Share Wanted Lists


It is a very convenient feature for you to share your Wanted List with your friends or on social media.

  • Get Share Link
  • Earn Commissions from us for MOC Designers


Get Share Link

Find the Wanted List you want to share (if you haven't yet, check how to create your Wanted List here), and click the “Share” button to the right of the Wanted List you want to share to copy the share link. Only the person who knows the link can check your Wanted List.


You also can find the “Share” button on the right side when viewing the Wanted List 


Before sharing, if you want to give more information about your Wanted List to the people you shared, you are able to create an appropriate name and make some remarks to describe your Wanted List. Click “Edit” next to the name and then you can rename the part list and make some remarks. 


Earn Commissions from us for MOC Designers

The sharing feature is also a convenient tool for MOC designers to sell the entire set and earn commissions from us. If you are interested in this, click here to learn how to do this.

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