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  • Best source for Lego compatible parts for MOCs and custom builds.
  • One-stop-shop with the world’s most extensive library of parts.
  • Unique and large selection of colors that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Easy to use part list upload tool and wanted list.

How to buy sets you want?
Source the instructions and part list
Instructions and parts lists can be obtained from third-party websites which sell MOC instructions.
Use the upload tool to match your parts list
Select a mode and upload the parts list file from your computer. Our system will match the parts with those in our system and display any missing pieces.
Buy all available parts with one click
Add all available parts to your cart with one click and begin the checkout process. Any missing parts can be exported to a list and purchased elsewhere.
Color Variety
  • One of the biggest advantages to using Webrick is the variety of colors we offer.

  • Many parts are available in colors that can't be found anywhere else, and that's just one of the reasons our customers love doing business with us.
Introducing our wanted list feature
  • Create Wanted Lists

  • Monitor Items Availability

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「Webrick Part List Upload Tool」
  • Guaranteed over 90% match rate.
  • Supported upload formats: Studio (.ldr; .csv; .xml),

    LEGO Digital Designer (.lxf; .BOM), Bricklink (.XML),

    Rebrickable (.csv; .xml) and custom made xlsx, xls.

  • A handy way to export the missing pieces to an XML

    file which can be used on Bricklink to fill in for the parts we don't stock.

  • Buy all available parts with one click.

You might have seen the Hoonipigasus at the latest Hill Climbing Competitions and it has certainly rose to fame thanks to the legendary Ken Block. However, building your own version can be the most fun you could have with Webrick.

The versatility of Webrick have made it possible to create your own Hoonipigasus with different loose bricks and following a custom set of instructions. If you have ever wanted to recreated the Hoonipigasus, the following article should be a great read.

With the prices of LEGO rising each year, fewer and fewer people are in a position to continue buying some of these bricks. Many have turned to alternatives, which are often a bit cheaper, but still compatible with traditional LEGO. Knowing where and how to buy LEGO-compatible bricks is a great way to expand your collection.

LEGO is arguably one of the most popular toys in the world, with a variety of different products being released each year. The LEGO company has gone global with movies and video games, but is there an alternative to LEGO that could work with LEGO and help you fill up on more bricks to build your ideas?

Gobricks is a company based in China, which started in 2017 and has grown in popularity ever since. Since they are an ideal LEGO alternative, they are also compatible with LEGO bricks and can significantly enhance your LEGO collection at an alternative price. 

I can’t be the only one who has spent a Sunday afternoon browsing houses online, imagining what it would be like to buy my dream home and go all out decorating the interior. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to afford my dream home, but at least I can have fun building a miniature version of it. And if I was browsing for my ideal house, the beautifully designed Hea-On-Jea would certainly be on the list. 

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