How To Get Lego Technic Pieces And Parts In Bulk

If traditional Lego does not cut it for you, LEGO Technic is the way to go. This initiative allows builders to build more advanced and complex models, which offer more technical functions. For instance, these models would be able to bend and move like the real thing and cars are often the best way to use them.

What Is LEGO Technic? In 1977, LEGO introduced the "Expert Builder" series, which was later renamed "Technical Lego". The idea of these sets is that they would contain special and unique pieces like rods, gears, and pins, which offers a new way of building functional models. It is one of the best ways to take your current MOC to the next level.

However, not every Lego set contains these pieces and it can often be daunting to find the right piece for your creation. This short article aims to help you understand where you can find LEGO Technic pieces. If you are looking to create magnificent models and need LEGO Technic pieces in bulk, we have you covered.



What Are Lego Technic Pieces?

LEGO has been around for a long time and people have grown to build their unique creations using what LEGO has to offer. However, the desire for more technical concepts, which are more functional has always been around. This is where LEGO Technic has filled the gap to allow builders to come up with new and more functional designs.

The first version of the LEGO technic hit the market in 1977 with the introduction of “Expert Builder”. This was subsequently rebranded to “Technical LEGO”, with LEGO Technic being the new name for these designs.

LEGO Technic is often characterized by the introduction of a few unique pieces. These unique pieces include some of the following pieces:

  • Gears
  • Axles
  • Beams
  • Plates
  • Pins
  • Suspension like designs

However, some of the more advanced LEGO pieces also included additional items. More technical items like pneumatic pieces that can move and electric motors have also been introduced in later years. The LEGO BIONICLE sets were some of the most noteworthy pieces that we often sold as part of the LEGO Technic line.



Why Are People Looking For LEGO Technic Parts?

With the major boom of the LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) sets, many people want to have these unique pieces to help them enhance the current designs that are making. Unfortunately, buying these loose parts can be daunting. You would often need to use the parts from the current crop of LEGO sets and this could disrupt your designs

However, many builders want to keep their existing sets intact and build these unique designs, which has created a market for LEGO Technic pieces. The problem is that they are hard to come by, but a few online retailers have stepped in to fill the gap, and allow builders to buy these in bulk to supplement a variety of their current creations.

The versatility of these pieces can take creations to an entirely different level and help you boost the functionality of some of your creations. 



Where To Buy LEGO Technic Parts In Bulk

As mentioned previously, if you are looking for a few good pieces that can take your LEGO creations to the next level, we have you covered. If you are looking to buy these LEGO Technic parts in bulk, you can choose any of the following destinations to make it happen:



Webrick is fast becoming one of the best online retailers for LEGO alternative products. The way the website is set up makes it possible for someone to find anything they need. You can simply search for Technic parts and enter the catalog page.

From this page, you can manually search for the specific parts that you require. The website would tell you if the parts are in stock, whilst also telling you how many of the said part is in stock. Upon selecting your cart, you can check out and have the LEGO Technic parts shipped to you in the desired quantities that you would need.



Another great online vendor is Bricklink, which features numerous loose bricks and options to enhance your creations. Once again, you can select the desired parts or even a few sets that you would want to build. These include MOCs and other sets, which would contain all the bricks you already like and need.


Online Ads/ Garage Sales

If you are not someone for buying from specific websites, you might want to check places like eBay and other reselling platforms. These would allow you to get into direct communication with the seller and find out if they have what you need. Unfortunately, you might not be able to buy them in bulk.

The other option could be garage sales and with a little bit of searching you are bound to find at least one garage sale close to you. You can use these garage sales to scour through the available items and determine if they have what you are looking for. Garage sales are a great way to find the desired pieces, but they cannot be found in bulk.



Alternative LEGO Technic Parts

There are numerous alternative LEGO parts that you can buy and a brand like Webrick is one of the best options. Webrick sells LEGO-like alternatives, which are also compatible with the original brand and would allow you to use them in conjunction with original pieces.

Alternatively, you can also choose ModBrix, CADA, and Vatos, which all offer great alternatives that would allow you to build your own specific creations with ease and offer you all the versatility of the original LEGO Technic pieces.




LEGO Technic is the perfect way to take your LEGO creations to the next level. These pieces are functional and would allow you to create models that are functional and even working. I would love to know where you managed to find the best LEGO Technic parts or alternatives for your working sets and models.