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Best resource for LEGO compatible bricks for adults.

More than 2000 types of different building bricks and pieces for adults. All compatible with LEGO. Are you looking for a missing brick component for an old set or your own creation/MOC. At Webrick you will find an extensive range of new bricks parts, from ordinary 2x4 bricks building blocks to more than 15,000 different bricks and technic parts. Webrick has the largest collection of loose bricks in the world. If you want to order bricks parts, you can search on this page by LEGO number or other search terms. You can also filter Bricks pieces by category, color and/or size. For example, you can filter on Bricks train parts and bricks car blocks, if you are looking for bricks track parts. Thanks to our large collection, chances are that you will find bricks spare parts or missing bricks in our bricks shop for individual parts. Did you know that over the years LEGO has released around 2,200 different bricks in sometimes 65 different colors. LEGO produces around 20 billion building blocks per year. Therefore, Webrick is the bricks parts store for all your loose parts, building blocks, and other types of bricks pieces.