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How to use webrick upload tool


One of the things we’re most proud of here at Webrick is our upload tool. It offers a quick convenient way for customers to upload a large list of parts for their projects. If you’re new to our site or using a parts list to order alternative bricks, there’s no need to worry. We’ve created this guide to help you get started with your order. 

First, you’re going to need a parts list to upload. One of the most popular places to acquire a list of parts is a site like Rebrickable, where you can export the parts under the inventory tab in several different file formats. Parts lists can also be obtained from other third-party websites which sell MOC instructions.

Below is a list of the formats our upload tool supports. 

  • Studio(.ldr; .csv; .xml) 
  • LEGO Digital Designer(.lxf; .BOM) 
  • Bricklink(.XML) 
  • Rebrickable(.csv; .xml) 
  • Custom made xlsx, xls

Once you have acquired a parts list, you’ll need to sign up for an account on our website before you can use the upload tool. After that is completed, you’re ready to get started. 



Upload the file from your computer

After choosing which mode you’d like to use, click on “Browse for file” and select your parts list. Uploading the list will typically take around 10 seconds or less. Once the process has finished, you’ll be presented with the results. 



Check the match result

Here, you’ll see how many of your parts are available, a detailed list of every part, the quantity, the price of each individual part, and the total price for each quantity.



Check the parts that are out of stock and download to find on elsewhere

There is also an overview of the parts that are out of stock. Parts can be unavailable for many reasons, sometimes it is due to lack of sufficient stock, while other times it is simply a color our vendors do not produce or a printed piece. 

No matter what the reason, you can click on “Out of stock parts” in the results screen and view the part number and color ID. We also provide a handy way to export the missing pieces to an XML file which can be used on Bricklink to fill in for the parts we don’t stock



Buy all available parts with one click

The final step is to add the parts to your cart and to choose whether you want to continue uploading more lists or proceed to checkout. 


No parts selected. Please select parts to wish list.

Color / Brick Source / Quantity is a required field, please select!

Items successfully added!