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What is LEGO MOC and How to Build?


With the increasing popularity of LEGO, not only are children addicted to LEGO sets but many adults are intrigued by LEGO’s quality, creativity and playability. Generally speaking, kids prefer standard LEGO set from which they can purchase a complete LEGO set in a box including instructions which explain step by step how they can build the LEGO set.  

Adults, however, tend to have fun with Lego in a more complex and inspiring manner, which is totally different from the conventional way that children like to play with. Most adults love to create their own models that may be different from the original LEGO sets. The design of their creations may originate from some objects and figures observed in reality or some bizarre images and imaginary figures in a world of fantasy. In other words, most adult MOC enthusiasts can use their creativity to design and build their highly personalized and unique MOC sets. Alternatively, adult players can take a less complex approach by remaking an imitated MOC set that looks similar to an official LEGO set. They need to remake all kinds of creations by collecting the MOC building blocks that are quite similar to those provided by a LEGO official set. Adult players can still create their own design by making changes in the set even though they build a MOC set based on an existing LEGO model.   

It is pleasurable, inspiring and entertaining to construct a MOC set as it engenders a great opportunity for kids and adults to awaken their imagination and realize their dreams, and eventually, they will savor the great sense of achievement.

Lego is fun! But it's really expensive! Most LEGO players often say "MOC is the right way to enjoy building LEGO sets." Are you a big fan of LEGO? Do you have some great ideas to build your own set or recreate a nice one that is similar to a LEGO set?

LEGO MOC is the best solution!


What is LEGO MOC?

LEGO MOC, which stands for LEGO My Own Creation, is built up in a customized, personalized and even creative way depending on each player's preference, rather than following LEGO’s original designs and official building instructions. LEGO MOC enthusiasts can design their own MOC sets which may display creative shapes as well as convey new and imaginative ideas. They can really make or recreate everything without following the initial ideas derived from LEGO’s designers. In a nutshell, LEGO MOC enthusiasts can jump out of the framework of LEGO's official set and completely rely on their own imagination and creativity to construct new models.


How to build a LEGO MOC?

Now you have familiarized yourself a bit with what the LEGO MOC meaning is all about, and you might be interested in the LEGO MOC and can’t wait to build MOCs. But maybe you are just a beginner and you don’t know what and how to do first. Before you leap right in, there are a couple of tips and methods regarding how to prepare yourself for building a LEGO MOC and what materials are needed for a set. You may check for more detailed information below.  

To build up a well-rounded LEGO MOC SET = find the desired set + access the relevant manual (various manuals can be found from different websites and sources, including fee-based manuals and plenty of free LEGO MOC instructions) + list of required parts (most frequently wanted parts are available at rebrickable.com and each designer’s website) + build up a set by purchasing parts. In the whole process of establishing a LEGO MOC, purchasing parts is the most time-consuming and costly step.


Where can I buy LEGO MOCs?

Webrick(webrick.com) was born for MOC enthusiasts and those people whose enthusiasm for building bricks is stopped by the high expense and the terrible shopping experience. We provide a convenient and fast one-click order service with the help of our professional logistics center for international business.


Our Missions and Values

Webrick is dedicated to creating a tool with great functionality by which orders can be readily placed with the help of a “one-click” matching tool. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering more affordable parts whose prices are lower than those provided by LEGO.    


Introduce the batch matching system powered by Webrick

The use of the matching tool:

This tool supports a variety of part list formats, including Rebrickable .csv,bricklink .xml,studio .csv; .ldr; .xml and LEGO Digital Designer .lxf; .BOM; .dr. , so that it is easy and simple to upload your part lists to the tool. It is convenient. Moreover, customers can customize their own part lists based on the template provided by Webrick.

In the case of a large purchase of parts and a part list encompassing detailed information, you can be directly imported to Webrick's website. Once the data has been imported, stock information is readily demonstrated, which enables customers to know which parts are in stock and which parts are out of stock. As the search results come out, available parts can be directly added to the shopping cart and the purchase can be easily made with a single click. As for the parts that are not available temporarily, an out-of-stock list is provided to customers and made available for download so as to inform customers of the stock unavailability.


Features of the matching tool

  1. Timeliness:

In a conventional manner of purchase, most of the time, customers need to ask the seller in advance whether a wholesale purchase is accepted. If accepted, a part list will be sent out to seller for further communication. One or two days later, the seller provides quoted price, stock information and other relevant information to customers before an order is placed. In general, the above communication process between a buyer and a seller takes several days to reach a final deal. However, our matching tool can produce a product search result in a few seconds, and purchase orders can be made immediately.

    2. Convenience:

  • Manually searching MOC parts is no longer necessary. Purchase can be made easily by importing a part list and followed by a single click on the purchase button.
  • A wide variety of parts and miscellaneous accessories are available for sale on our website from which customers can buy most of the desired parts for the set they are looking to build. They don't bother to buy parts in multiple places so as to save plenty of time and money for the purchase.

Product use cases

  1. Let’s say you happen to spot a MOC set that you have been chasing for. But unfortunately, no vendors are able to provide you a complete MOC set and some parts are missing for your favorite MOC set. Here comes the best solution! You may download the part list of the MOC and utilize the matching tool on our website to purchase the missing parts. You will eventually own your favorite MOC set.   
  2. If you are looking to buy a discontinued LEGO set that can be hardly found in the market, you may download the part list on rebrickable.com, and purchase desired parts on our website by using the tool to complete part matching.
  3. In the event of some missing parts to be replenished or damaged parts to be replaced, it takes a colossal amount of time to search those desired parts and put them in a shopping cart one after another. The best alternative is to customize your own part list and take advantage of our matching tool by which you will purchase all parts you need in a time-saving manner.        


Our Products and services

1. A wide variety of products

We offer more than 2000 categories of parts in rich color and the compatibility rate of most MOC sets can reach over 90% (including larger MOC sets with 10000+ pieces). Hence, customers can directly purchase most parts for the MOC sets they want on our website.

2. Product Quality

The high quality of parts is ensured by multiple quality inspections and tests.

3. Shipping and delivery

In most cases, your order will be air-shipped within 3 business days after an order has been placed and confirmed. Delivery time may vary from 7 to 20 days.  

4. After-sales service

If the product you have received is damaged or defective, please contact us as soon as possible. We will exchange the product or make compensation.  

Should you have any questions regarding our products or matching tool, please feel free to contact us. Your inquiry will be replied to within 24 hours during working days.

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