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Ready to Ship in 3 - 10 Days!
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Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take to ship the order out?

Orders will be shipped within 3 business days.


What kinds of delivery methods do we offer?

Order under $300 will be shipped via standard shipping. (It takes about 7-20 days to deliver.)

Order over $300 will be shipped via express, such as DHL, FedEx. (It takes about 3-7 days to deliver.)


Do we offer free shipping?

Yes, free shipping for orders over $25. Order under $25 will be charged a $5 shipping fee.


Wrong or Missing Parts

There is huge kinds of parts in the store, so the difficulty of distribution and storage is large. If there is a mismatch, please contact us directly to get a solution.

For missing or damaged parts, we will send them to you for free.


What kind of package do you offer?

Usually, we use plastic bags as the package.


How do we pack the bricks?

All the parts in one order will be packed together in one package.


Out of stock issue

Due to the variety of bricks and colors, the inventory changes greatly. Before the Webrick warehouse is completely independent, a few bricks may be out of stock in the order temporarily. Bricks will restock in 5-10 days. In this case, we will split up the shipments without an extra shipping fee and will notify you via email. We make sure that the first shipment will be shipped out in 3 days after receiving the order.

Cases of out-of-stock:

1. Can't find the color you need. Maybe this color is not produced or it is temporarily sold out. Please wait patiently for production or restock. And don't hesitate to contact us ([email protected]) to ask for details.

  1. Adding to the shopping cart, but there are parts out of stock when placing the order. The parts have been purchased by other customers because the inventory will be locked only after the order is submitted. Inventory changes from time to time, so you can submit your order as soon as possible to avoid this situation from happening.