5 Amazing LEGO Space Sets

LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 was launched on April 1. It is a hot set in recent days. NASA and the LEGO Group have a long history of collaboration. This latest space-theme set is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first flight of the space shuttle. 


LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery #10283


LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery comes with two awesome builds,  the Space Shuttle Discovery and the Hubble Space Telescope. It has some awesome details. The lift can be moved by turning the center engine, the Hubble Space Telescope features movable solar panels and an aperture door, etc.

From some reviews of LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, it is a great set for space fans.

“The first thing I have to say is that this model looks pretty darn great. It’s by far the most accurate LEGO Space Shuttle yet, and the combination of the two models together is enough to make any space fan feel a mighty need to have this in their collection.”-- from brothers-brick 


“Space fans are in for a treat with the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) set, it represents an accurate, detailed model and makes a wonderful display pieces”--from truenorthbricks


LEGO and NASA released many space-theme sets, let’s see other space sets.


(Image Source: LEGO)


LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander #10266

LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander was released in 2019. This set is to relive the of mankind’s first moon landing in 1969 and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

(Image Source: LEGO)

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander set features many details. Two astronaut minifigures, one with a flag, have beautiful helmets. It is an awesome replica of the Eagle lunar lander with separate ascent and descent stages, plus a depiction of the lunar surface with crater and footprints. This set has 1080 pieces for adults aged 16+.

LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander is a great build, believe you will have fun with it.


(Image Source: LEGO)


LEGO International Space Station #21321

International Space Station (ISS) is a LEGO Ideas set, which has 864 pieces. It is a great gift for space fans.


(Image Source: LEGO)


The LEGO space station model comes with a stand, 2 astronaut microfigures, a brick-built mini NASA space shuttle and 3 mini cargo spacecraft to create a spectacular display. These micro models look excellent and make the set more complete.

(Image Source: brickset)


LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 92176

(Image Source: LEGO)


NASA Apollo Saturn V is also a LEGO Ideas set with 1969 pieces. This LEGO space rocket set is very popular with space fans. It features 3 removable rocket stages, including the S-IVB third stage with the lunar lander and lunar orbiter. You can build it with your kids, and share the rocket launch process with them after finishing the building. NASA Apollo Saturn V is a great addition to your space collection.


LEGO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover 21104

(Image Source: LEGO)

This is a LEGO Ideas set too, which was released in 2014. LEGO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover 21104 was designed by real Curiosity Rover engineer, Stephen Pakbaz. It can drive over tough obstacles with the 6-wheel suspension and has articulated robotic arms and multiple cameras. LEGO 21104 is worth building. This set has been discontinued. The retail price is $29.99. Now the price of a brand-new one is nearly $400, a used one is nearly $150. That’s really high.


5 LEGO Space sets, which sets do you have already? Which is your favorite one? Leave your comment below.