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Simply spend over US$80 to choose from our selection of special treats. Just input the SKU of the product in your order note.
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Great for starting small projects or trying something new, our 250g bulk zone gives you just the right amount of bricks.
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Perfect for those who like to get creative without overdoing it, our 500g bulk zone provides plenty of bricks for medium-sized projects.
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Made for big projects or stocking up for later, our 1kg bulk zone gives you lots of bricks at a great price.
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Spring Blind Box
Do you love surprises? There's nothing like the feeling of opening a blind box!
This spring, Webrick prepared 6 blind boxes, in 3 different categories and 3 different colors.
Within each blind box, you have chances to get parts from a specific category or color at a lower price.
The contents of each blind box remain a mystery, which adds to the surprise and delight of opening them.
Our blind boxes make awesome gifts for brick fans!

Spring Sail

If your order weighs Over 21kg ,you can choose either ocean freight or truck freight,
which Saves 35% of standard shipping.

Ocean freight is available for the United States, Germany, France,
Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy,
Austria, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Croatia, Slovakia, Sweden,
Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Ireland,
Portugal, Slovenia
Truck freight is available for Germany, France, Belgium,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy,
Poland, Portugal, Hungary
Gift Tip
As long as your order subtotal is over $80 (any products), you can choose a 500g gift from here.
When you decide on your gift, find its SKU.

Put the SKU in your order note (find it on the checkout page before you pay).

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