How To Buy LEGO Compatible Bricks

With the prices of LEGO rising each year, fewer and fewer people are in a position to continue buying some of these bricks. Many have turned to alternatives, which are often a bit cheaper, but still compatible with traditional LEGO. Knowing where and how to buy LEGO-compatible bricks is a great way to expand your collection.

How To Buy LEGO Compatible Bricks? A simple search on the internet would reveal numerous online retailers and marketplace options for buying your LEGO brick alternatives. Many of these can be shipped to your front door within a couple of days without breaking the bank.

To help you better understand some LEGO alternatives, we will look at how and what you could do to ensure that you find the best LEGO alternatives on the market today.

Why Choose LEGO Alternative Bricks?

The main reason for people moving away from LEGO and to newer alternative bricks has to do with the overall price. LEGO is one of the most recognized brands in the world and has allowed prices to be more expensive than most people can afford. Let’s have a look at why you should consider choosing LEGO alternative bricks:


  • Price


As mentioned, the price is the main drawing factor and we see that LEGO alternatives tend to be far cheaper than the original bricks. You can often buy packs of LEGO alternatives like Webrick in larger quantities and with more variety, whilst saving a few bucks on the price.


  • Quality


Depending on who you ask, the quality of LEGO alternatives might be better or worse than the original. It would also come down to things like the brand you choose, with some being better than others. However, LEGO alternatives might lack in certain aspects, but some of the brands could even be better. It all comes down to which brand you choose.


  • Color Choices


Having compared both LEGO and some of the alternative brands that I could find, one of the first things that pop up is the variety of colors that users can choose from. If we take Webrick for a second, there are new and diverse colors that have never been seen in any LEGO collection.

The upside to this is that you can mix and match these colors. By integrating Webrick into your LEGO collection, you can change the scope of the sets and add brand-new diverse, and vibrant colors, which would help you stand out.

Pros Of Using Lego Compatible Bricks

Now that you know the reasons that make LEGO-compatible bricks useful, I want to mention some of the benefits of using these brands. Yes, some of these features might seem similar to the reasons I listed to buy them, but these are a couple of great benefits your can expect to get.


As mentioned before, the fact that these alternatives are cheaper to buy than the original is one of the main reasons to consider them. You can often get more value for your money and even more bricks at a cheaper price than you would pay when it comes to LEGO bricks.


Let’s face it, even with the soaring prices of LEGO, the chances of these bricks ever going out of style is slim to none. However, the upside is that your LEGO alternatives are compatible with LEGO bricks. They might be a bit harder or stiffer to insert and remove, but they will look great once you finish building your project.


Many LEGO alternatives offer versatility when it comes to using their bricks. The versatility can be things like newer shapes that have previously not existed in the LEGO world. Additionally, you will have access to more vibrant colors, which enable you to mix and match the bricks to your heart’s desire.

Cons Of Using LEGO Alternative Bricks

In my personal experience, I could not find many downsides to why people should not combine LEGO alternatives with the original LEGO brands. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before purchasing these alternatives.

Stiffer Designs

One of the first differences is the stiffer designs of these alternatives. Many of them are harder to integrate and this makes it tougher to stack them on top of one another without force. On the others hand, you could find that removing them from the LEGO bricks can also be daunting. Fortunately, they become looser over time.

Finding Them

Another problem, which might be a blessing in disguise is that certain brick brands can be hard to come by and you don’t have a dedicated store where you live. You might need to order some of these bricks online, which could be daunting for some. However, my experience with brands like Webrick is that they are speedy with delivery.

Best Alternative Brands To LEGO

Numerous alternative brands have popped up in recent years. However, you will need to do your research and make sure that you find a trusted and reputable brand. Some of the best brands that I have mixed with LEGO are the following:


  • Webrick


One of the best alternatives that I have tried is the Webrick brand. These LEGO alternative bricks are very similar to what you would expect from traditional LEGO bricks. However, they are a bit stiffer to insert and remove when paired with LEGO. Webrick is sold as separate bricks and offers a wide variety of colors to choose from.


  • BlueBrixx


BlueBrixx is another one of the top brands that you might want to consider. They specialize in military models and collectors bricks. The packaging tends to be simple and easy, with basic instructions to follow when assembling.


  • Cobi


Hailing from Poland, these bricks are designed to give you a variety of models to build. However, the models mostly resemble historical vehicles, but they are focusing on adding some of the newer vehicle models. They are also compatible with traditional LEGO bricks.


  • Unico


Another great brand to consider would be Unico, which offers bricks that are very close to the original LEGO brand. Once again, these bricks are compatible with LEGO and have attracted a solid following in recent years. Keep in mind that some of the colors do vary.


  • Wange


Finally, we have Wange, which is another great brand that features LEGO-compatible bricks and allows you to focus on the architecture of world wonders. Building some of the sets can be a bit more technical than LEGO, but they will offer you great value for your money.

Where To Buy LEGO Alternative Bricks

With so many LEGO stores, it is easy to find the best bricks for your LEGO collection. However, it can often be daunting to find LEGO alternative bricks.

I have tried a variety of online retailers and while some of them are useful, buying brands like Webrick directly from their online store seems to be the best. You will get great value for your money and you can look through all the different options. It also tends to be far cheaper than working through other sites. At Webrick, you can also buy a variety of different LEGO alternative brands.

How To Buy LEGO Compatible Bricks (LCBs) From Webrick

Since Webrick is the best spot to buy your bricks, you should know how to go about buying these bricks. You will see from the video below how easy it is and you can even buy the MOC instructions, which would tell you, which bricks you need. 

Since Webrick enables you to buy bricks separately, you won’t need to worry about having excess bricks. As long as you make sure they are in stock, the bricks should arrive at your door in great condition and be fully functional with the MOC instructions.


LEGO is rapidly becoming one of the most expensive brands in the world and this transfers over to its customers. Fortunately, you can rely on LEGO alternatives, which would allow you to buy similar bricks at a more affordable price. I would love to read your comments and find out which LEGO alternative brands you like the most.