Growing up, many of us built castles out of Lego, but surely, none of them looked as intricate and gorgeous as the Krylhan Castle by designer PeetersKevin. And certainly, none of them used over 5000 pieces and included all of the minute details as seen in this model. 


That’s why Krylhan Castle is the next design to be showcased in our spotlight on design series here on the blog. As mentioned above, Krylhan Castle consists of over 5000 pieces, 5345 to be exact, and it measures in at 27.6 x 29.2 x 49.1 centimeters. 


At first glance, that number of parts is surprising given how narrow Krylhan Castle is, and because it’s lacking a backside. However, oddly enough, that’s the main reason for the high piece count. That’s because, PeetersKevin has included a full interior on the backside of the castle, and that adds immensely to the number of parts while increasing the playability. 


Inside, there’s a foyer, study, bedroom, and more to explore on the backside of this beautiful three-story castle. One thing I really love about this design is all of the clever parts usage. For example, PeetersKevin has used frogs as coat hangers and horns for the back of chairs. 


However, as beautiful as the inside is, it cannot compete with how detailed the outside of the castle is. PeetersKevin has spent a lot of time adding texture to the outside of the castle using SNOT bricks and studs, along with all of the brown wooden structures around the windows. Furthermore, he’s added pops of color with a blue roof, dark orange accents, and flowers. 


Finally, we cannot forget the base with all of the beautiful rockwork surrounded by water along with the boat used for transporting minifigs to and from Krylhan Castle. 


If you’re hoping to add Krylhan Castle to your collection, it won’t be cheap at 5345 pieces. Ordering from Webrick will save you some money though, as you can find a little over 98%