Without a doubt, some of the most popular Lego MOCs around come from the Star Wars universe, and really, that’s no big surprise. Star Wars is massively popular amongst people of all ages, with dozens upon dozens of fantastic ship designs to choose from. 


For some of us, the very reason we first started exploring independently designed building block sets was because we wanted to construct a Star Wars ship that was yet to be officially released from Lego. That, or we wanted to build a more detailed and accurate model than the official set. 


In fact, before Lego released the Ultimate Collector Series Razor Crest model last October, you only had the 1023-piece official set to choose from, That is, unless you explored the world of MOCs, which if you did, you would have probably stumbled upon our next featured model by Edge of Bricks


The Razor Crest has quickly become one of the most popular ships ever since its debut in The Mandalorian back in 2019. Sure, we love Mando and his adorable sidekick baby Yoda, but the Razor Crest is a beautiful ship just begging to be built out of bricks. 


Thankfully, the talented designer Edge of Bricks, who has over 55 published models on Rebrickable, took a shot at it and did this wonderful ship justice using 2053 total parts. As you can see in the photos, he did an amazing job capturing the subtle shapes on the exterior of the Razor Crest


Edge of Bricks also made sure to include detachable landing gear, a display stand, an opening ramp, and opening side doors and side panel. He didn’t stop there though, there’s also a detailed interior featuring a cockpit that opens, a weapon compartment, bed, and a place to store your bounties in carbonite. 


It’s obvious Edge of Bricks put a lot of time and effort into the design of this model, but I haven’t even gotten to the best part. By shopping with Webrick, you can purchase nearly 99% of the parts used for as little as $101 before shipping costs. That beats spending $600 on the most recent Lego model.