In this post, we’ll be shining a light on one of the most iconic ships in the Star Wars universe, the X-Wing. Aptly named after the shape the wings make when expanded. 


While Lego already produces an X-Wing model, it’s a far cry from the UCS class models it has created for some other Star Wars ships. It comes in at a meager 474 pieces and lacks a lot of fine detail of the model we are featuring today. 


That’s a big reason why many adult Lego fans turn to MOC models, such as the X-Wing T-65 Starfighter designed by Jerac. That name may sound familiar to you if you’ve delved into the world of Star Wars MOCs in the past. Jerac is held in high esteem in the Lego MOC community for his fantastic designs that closely mimic the original model while also including advanced building techniques. 


He’s garnered praise for his meticulously designed series of Tie Fighters, as well as the A-Wing, Razor Crest, and Y-Wing. However, one of his best models has to be the minifig scale X-Wing. It measures in at 38 x 33 x 8 centimeters and uses a little over 1330 pieces depending on which model you choose. That makes it slightly larger than the Lego-designed model while using nearly four times the amount of parts making it extremely more detailed. 


On top of using more pieces, including more detail, and offering a more challenging build–Jerac has also included four different color schemes to choose from. There’s the red/gray (clean), red/gray (dirty), red/white, and blue/gray variations allowing you to choose which X-Wing you’d like to build, or you could build multiple versions. 


If you can’t wait to add this gorgeous T-65 Starfighter to your collection, then you’ll have to head over to Brick Vault to pick up the instructions and part list, which you can then use with our handy upload tool


Brick Vault lists the estimated cost to build the X-Wing between $200-250, but by using Webrick, you’ll be able to buy up to 98% of the parts for as little as $56 before shipping costs. With that kind of savings, you could build all four models for close to the cost of building one with branded Lego pieces.