I can’t be the only one who has spent a Sunday afternoon browsing houses online, imagining what it would be like to buy my dream home and go all out decorating the interior. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to afford my dream home, but at least I can have fun building a miniature version of it. And if I was browsing for my ideal house, the beautifully designed Hea-On-Jea would certainly be on the list. 


This modern-style villa is a modular designed by Ohsojang, who has a keen eye for contemporary architecture with plans for several buildings published on Rebrickable. Hea-On-Jea is one of his standout designs that would fit in perfectly on the cover of Architectural Digest. 


Ohsojang has gone to great lengths to give this blocky modular copious amounts of details on both the exterior and interior. The outside uses a two-tone color design, and even includes landscaping, as well as a cute mini car. Ohsojang has also added moving components, such as a door to access the interior and a knob to open or close the skylight. 


Hea-On-Jea means spacious and warm home, and this modular lives up to its name. Ohsojang has designed a full interior with three floors, featuring a living room, bedroom, and even a Lego room. He has included tons of tiny details such as miniature Lego versions of the Millennium Falcon and AT-AT, and even built-in storage to hide components to light up the interior. 


To build this marvelous modular, you’re going to need 3294 pieces, which can add up very quickly when purchasing Lego bricks. Just because Hae-On-Jea looks like a million bucks, doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to add it to your home. 

By going with Webrick, and using our handy upload tool, you can purchase nearly 99% of the parts needed starting at $175 before shipping costs.