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Webrick x SkySaac  |  Energia Buran Rocket Model 1:110 MOC-91433

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Model Consists Of: 3844 parts
Model Dimensions: 23.2 x 21 x 53.6 cm
Weight: 2.39 kg
Instruction: PDF instruction
Package: Zipper Plastic Bag
SKU: WA0022
Availability: 99 in stock
USD 166.49
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99 in stock
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About the model

This is the Energia rocket with Buran as the payload. SkySaac built this model in real life and verified it's stability. This Energia-Buran MOC faithfully recreates the iconic Energia rocket with the Buran spacecraft, offering an incredible building experience for space enthusiasts and building block fans alike.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this 1:110 scale replica captures the essence of the original rocket, featuring accurate shaping and intricate elements. Every element has been faithfully recreated to provide an authentic experience. Not only is the "Energia-Buran" MOC visually captivating, but it also offers an engaging building experience. With its thoughtfully designed construction, you'll enjoy assembling each component, relishing the challenge and satisfaction that comes with creating your own masterpiece.

  • The boosters and the orbiter can be separated from the core stage.
  • The Buran orbiter can open its payload bay and move its robotic arms.

Note: The orbiter's tail is a bit longer than the rest of the stack, so if you want to display it it either needs a small elevated stand under the engines or needs to stand on the edge of the shelf.

Model Statistics

  • A build for adults
  • Build difficulty: Hard
  • Stability: Medium Stable
  • Scale: 1:110
  • Quality bricks: Webrick MOC sets are manufactured from high-quality materials. They're consistent and compatible with all major brick brands.
  • Safety ensured: At Webrick, we prioritize safety and quality when it comes to our pieces. That's why we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the safety and durability of this model, providing you with peace of mind.

About the rocket

The Energia Buran rocket stack was a Soviet launch vehicle that could deliver a reusable spaceplane into low earth orbit. In 1985 it flew its only flight ever from pad 110/37 in Baikonur.


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