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Webrick.com Referral Program

Webrick.com Referral Program

Refer your friend, get 10% reward!

10% for referrer and 10% for referee


Brief introduction

Welcome to the Webrick affiliate program(designer.webrick.com), where after signing up you’ll receive a referral code providing a discount for your audience and a commission for you. The codeword can be customized and will be good for 10% off of the customer’s first purchase and 10% commission for you.


Where to get the referral code?



How to track sales?

You can get the sales report from here:



Our affiliate program’s two tracking methods

Affiliate links + Referral Code

Affiliate links


Referral code



The difference between the two tracking methods


Affiliate Links

Referral Code

      Tracking Method Affiliate Link Coupon Code
      Who benefits? Only the registered affiliate benefits from using affiliate links by earning a commission based on sales. Both the affiliate and the customer benefit from referral codes. The customer receives a discount while the affiliate receives a commission.
     How to promote Affiliate links can be posted anywhere that allows promotions, such as your social media accounts or your blog.

Coupon codes can be posted anywhere affiliate links are supported, as well as on platforms that do not allow for direct linking.

     Reward 6% commission for the affiliate. 10% for the affiliate and customer.
     Limit There is no limit to the number of times an affiliate link can be used by customers. Coupon codes have a limit of one use per customer.



Can I use both methods?

Of course! With our flexible system, it’s easy to use the method that works best for you, whether it’s affiliate links or referral codes, you can use either or both to promote Webrick and start earning commissions.

How to make the best of this program and earn more?

The more people who use your affiliate link or referral code the more money you’ll earn. We encourage you to share them on your social media platforms and with friends.

While affiliate links payout at a lower rate than referral codes, remember that affiliate links can be used repeatedly. That makes them perfect for adding to static locations, such as your Instagram profile, YouTube video descriptions, or profiles on other sites.

Referral codes have the benefit of a higher payout, as well as offering customers a discount. However, they are limited to one use per customer. This makes them ideal for tweets and posts on Instagram or Facebook.

Some other great places to share your affiliate links or referral codes would be on forums, Reddit, Discord, or anywhere else you can find brick fans.


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