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Build Your Imagination with Webrick's Wide Range of Colors and Parts.

Extensive library of parts
With more than 20,000 parts and 2200 elements to choose from, you'll find what you need.
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We offer a diverse selection of brick colors to suit any project or design.
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Our parts are affordable yet made with ABS high-quality materials, designed to fit perfectly with LEGO bricks, and offer the same durability and performance. Our bricks also have passed rigorous safety tests and certifications.
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We all know that LEGO features a variety of different sets. There is almost a set for every person and every interest. However, you might occasionally find that newer things that are designed and made in the world do not have a set yet. LEGO MOC would be the way to go to create these specific items and sets.

What Is LEGO MOC? LEGO MOC stands for “My Own Creations", which means that you can gather sets and blueprints for sets online to create setups and objects that have previously been unavailable. These allow LEGO Artist to come to fruition and once you understand the LEGO MOC meaning, you can create your very own unique objects.

With the prices of LEGO becoming almost unaffordable for many households and most LEGO only available in sets, many LEGO alternative online stores have come up. These online stores sell LEGO-compatible bricks that could help you enhance your collection and even build a few MOCs with loose bricks.

Rebrickable vs Bricklink vs Webrick: What’s The Differences? No matter which of these websites you visit, it can be a bit daunting for novice LEGO players to understand. Rebrickable serves as a great database for storing all your bricks, whereas the other two are online stores where you can buy and fill up new bricks for model creations.

If traditional Lego does not cut it for you, LEGO Technic is the way to go. This initiative allows builders to build more advanced and complex models, which offer more technical functions. For instance, these models would be able to bend and move like the real thing and cars are often the best way to use them.

What Is LEGO Technic? In 1977, LEGO introduced the "Expert Builder" series, which was later renamed "Technical Lego". The idea of these sets is that they would contain special and unique pieces like rods, gears, and pins, which offers a new way of building functional models. It is one of the best ways to take your current MOC to the next level.

You might have seen the Hoonipigasus at the latest Hill Climbing Competitions and it has certainly rose to fame thanks to the legendary Ken Block. However, building your own version can be the most fun you could have with Webrick.

The versatility of Webrick have made it possible to create your own Hoonipigasus with different loose bricks and following a custom set of instructions. If you have ever wanted to recreated the Hoonipigasus, the following article should be a great read.

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