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320 PCS

Full Auto Shell Ejecting Pistol

1857 PCS

Replica of AWP | Asiimov - Kevin183

189 PCS

Full Auto Blowback Pistol

345 PCS

Replica of Glock-18 | Fade

326 PCS

Replica of Glock-18

130 PCS

Small Vintage Tractor MOC-63433

We have all the pieces to fulfill your brick dream!

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2,000+ items
50+ colors
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Webrick strives to create a remarkable brick world for MOC enthusiasts
And thanktully,they're enioying it.
Thanks Webrick.com team for the great parts for my MOC Space Launch Systen Block 1.With 12,643 parts it was one of my largest orders at Webrick.com so far. The parts were of good quality, as always, so the model was easy to build. As always, I am very satisfied. I've been a regular customer for almost a year now and everything has always been to my satisfaction. The team is always friendly and always helpful.
Bjorn Voss
I'm a huge fan of webrick!. I've placed 5 orders so far and will continue to keep ordering. I love their product and find the quality as excellent as other leading brands. Their ease of ordering, color variety, and pricing is by far the best available and exceeds the competition. This is the best place to get parts for MOCS.
Peter B
This is my 18th-century frigate MOC with more than 4000 pieces. I always wanted to make a big LEGO sailing ship but the difficulty of getting all the pieces and the high price held me back. When I discovered Webricks and its wonderful upload tool that allowed me to upload the lists of thousands of parts exported from my Studio model, I was finally encouraged to build it. The pieces are of very good quality, nothing to envy to LEGO pieces and they are cheaper. Ideal for all types of MOCs. I am very satisfied with all the parts purchased, now whenever I need parts for a MOC I go to Webrick.
Christian G
Thank you webrick.com for helping me find all the hard to get, specialty pieces at a great low price. The selection is top notch and the variety of colors is truly helpful. It's nice to order a hundred of a piece and not cry about the price. I could not have finished my castle or made it so detailed without you. Thank you.
Shea H
Thanks to @webrick.com I've finally been able to create a model of the Nebulon B Frigate! @webricks.com has an easy to navigate website along with a wide selection of parts in a variety of colors to choose from, and my order was shipped quickly! I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for quality parts at a low price!
Matthew H
And here it is! The F-22 Raptor is finally done! I decided to try out @webrick_com bricks to make this model and it turns out they have very competent pieces! I highly recommend them if you want to save some money on big models!
David A. (aka handsolo99)


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