Earlier this year, the world suffered a great loss with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II who celebrated her 96th birthday in April. She lived a long and eventful life spanning several generations and served on the throne for 70 years spanning all the way back to 1952. 


During her reign, she witnessed 15 different Prime Ministers serve the country, beginning with Winston Churchill, and will go down in history as the UK’s longest-serving monarch. Even though she served as the queen of the UK and its territories, Queen Elizabeth II was known and loved worldwide. Truly, if there was anyone who was deserving of a brick tribute it is her. 


That’s why the next model we want to feature here on Webrick is dedicated to the one and only Queen Elizabeth II. 


Fortunately, the very talented Headsbrick has immortalized her as a BrickHeadz model along with four of her Royal Guards. And just like the Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace, these little figures won’t move or speak no matter how much you try to provoke them. 


BrickHeadz models were first introduced back in 2016 and generally consist of a little over 140 pieces. They are meant to capture the likeness of iconic figures or characters with clever usage of Lego parts, along with a pair of cute anime-inspired eye tiles which give them their trademark look. 


With over 100 published BrickHeadz designs on Rebrickable, Headsbrick was the perfect designer to tackle creating the queen and her guards. In total, there is a little over 1,000 pieces used in this set, and using parts supplied by Webrick, it will cost you around $62 before shipping to have this cute little tribute in your own home. 

If you’d like to build the figures yourself, just use the wanted list we’ve created for you along with the instructions which you can purchase from Headsbrick by contacting him on his Instagram account.