Next up in our designer showcase, is a MOC for the Red Bull F1 RB18. This brilliant-looking model comes from Lukas RS Design, and was built almost entirely from parts we sell here at Webrick. This car itself consists of 2610 parts and measures in at 67 x 25 x 13 cm with a weight of 2kg once completed. 


Not only has Lukas done a fantastic job at capturing the likeness of this beautiful F1 racer, but he’s also gone the extra mile by incorporating some fine details in the model. For starters, it features a fully functional front and rear suspension with a fantastic springing action when you press down over each axle. 


Additionally, there are several removable parts, including the front wing, engine cover, headrest, steering, and more. Finally, some of the most important details are the moving components. 


Lukas has incorporated a fully functioning V6 engine block with pistons that move as the wheels turn, while also including a working steering wheel. Last but not least, there is also a manually adjustable drag reduction system built into the rear wing. 


Lukas’s attention to detail doesn’t stop there, he’s also paid special attention to the venturi tunnels, new front and rear wing shape, wheel covers, and wheel fenders to create the most accurate version of Red Bull F1 RB18 as possible. 


However, part of what really sells the look of this gorgeous F1 racer is the decals, and don’t worry, Lukas has you covered here as well. He sells the stickers used in this MOC on his website where you can order the set to complete the look. 


Lego Technic was created for the purpose of allowing for complex designs with technical functions. Out of everything you could design with Technic, nothing embodies the spirit of this more than Lego’s lineup of Technic car sets. 


They combine the complexity of one of our greatest engineering achievements, along with the aesthetics of industrial design, and I think we can all agree that Lukas has achieved that with his MOC of the Red Bull F1 RB18.