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Webrick x NeoSephiroth  |  V100 German Cargo Locomotive MOC-35655

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Model Consists Of: 496 parts
Model Dimensions: 27 x 5 x 8 cm
Weight: 0.414 kg
Instruction: PDF instruction
Package: Zipper Plastic Bag
SKU: WA0050
USD 41.17
  •   Ready Time: 24 - 72 hours.
  •   Replace missing and damaged parts for free.
  •   Tracking no. provided for all parcels.
  •   Worldwide delivery to your doorstep

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Introducing the legendary V100 German Cargo Locomotive TECHNICIAN by NeoSephiroth! With 496 pieces, this captivating set belongs to our esteemed Technician collection.
Discover the iconic V100, a cargo locomotive that holds a special place in German railway history. With its striking dark blue - tan color variant, this meticulously crafted model pays homage to the locomotive's enduring legacy. Immerse yourself in the details and let your imagination run wild.

Designed to be compatible with both 9V Motor and PU systems, this set offers flexibility and versatility. For those opting for the PF (Power Functions) option, an additional wagon is recommended to house the battery box and infrared receiver, ensuring a seamless integration.

Note: Please be aware that the version we offer for sale does not include the Power Functions (PF) components. If you wish to build the PF version, you will need to acquire the PF parts separately.

Unleash your inner railway enthusiast and witness the beauty of the V100 as it roars to life in your collection. This captivating model is sure to delight both experienced builders and newcomers alike. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through German railway history!

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