LEGO MOC Hoonipigasus 


*** Please reach out to the creator of Hoonipigasus on Instagram or Facebook to obtain instructions for the Webrick version


You might have seen the Hoonipigasus at the latest Hill Climbing Competitions and it has certainly rose to fame thanks to the legendary Ken Block. However, building your own version can be the most fun you could have with Webrick.

The versatility of Webrick have made it possible to create your own Hoonipigasus with different loose bricks and following a custom set of instructions. If you have ever wanted to recreated the Hoonipigasus, the following article should be a great read.

A Brief History Of The Hoonipigasus 

With the Broadmoor Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb competition being one of the most popular invitational competitions in the world, the fight for the best hill climber always ramps up. The Hoonipigasus is one of the competitors which often turns heads and it is part of the Hoonigan Racing Division and BBi Autosport.

Being built on the back of the 1971 Porsche 917/20, it features the first-ever mid-engine design from the Porsche brand. It is so popular that people flock to Colorado to see this "pink pig" in action. It is also no surprise that building your version using Webrick would have eventually made it accessible to everyone. 

Let's find out more about the Hoonipigasus and the new version you can build for yourself!

What Is The Hoonipigasus – A Brief History

As mentioned, the Hoonipigasus is built on the back of the 1971 Porsche 917/20 and the car was originally built for the driving style of the legendary Ken Block, who sadly passed away recently. Unfortunately, the first rodeo did not go as planned and the 1400HP beast eventually had an engine failure. 

Unfortunately, the Hoonipigasus had to be scrapped from the competition, with the hope that 2023 would be a better year. The upside is that it rose significantly in popularity and nowadays you can buy a brick version that you could build for yourself.

About The Hoonipigasus Scale

The Hoonipigasus made from Webrick will be a 1:10 scale model. The idea is that the scale is functional for most users and works the same as the larger 1:8 scale models that some of the top Lego supercars. However, it will be significantly cheaper.

In fact, building the Hoonipigasus with Webrick is no more expensive than the other Lego models like the standard Ferrari and Porsche models we often admire. It features a solid gearbox and F1-type suspension, which has never been produced at this scale for any other model of Lego. It will also feature a specific pink color, which has led to the Hoonipigasus being called the “pink pig”.

In essence, the scale of the Hoonipigasus is similar to that of most model Lego vehicles. However, the suspension and the internal components are functional and once you complete the building instructions, you have a functional model. It does not only need to sit on the shelve, allowing you to do your hill-climbing at home. 

Understanding The Hoonipigasus MOC Instructions

If you have ever played with Lego that you had to build, you will notice the instructions of all Lego models are very similar.  The creator of the Hoonipigasus with Webrick has made building instructions similar to those of traditional Legos sets. You can reach out to the creator of Hoonipigasus on Instagram or Facebook to obtain instructions for the Webrick version. In fact, many people might not even notice some of the slight differences that you might be accustomed to as an expert Lego builder. 

If you are used to building Lego models, the instructions and the steps would closely resemble those of traditional Lego models. 

You will start by building sub-models of the main model, which could include the suspension or even the shell of the Hoonipigasus. Once you have completed some of these sub-models, they would fit into one another to give you the complete model. It is very similar to Lego, but the unique experience is kind of fun to try.

Upon receiving your Webrick bricks for the  Hoonipigasus, you will notice that the setup of the bricks is also similar to that of Lego and this would allow you to organize your bricks the same way you would before starting your Lego build. I could not notice any differences aside from a few bricks that were a bit stiffer to stack on one another. 

The Overall Quality Of The Webrick Hoonipigasus

One of the first things that many people would wonder about is the quality of the Webrick used for the Hoonipigasus when comparing it to the more traditional Lego model cars. 

In general, the overall feel of the model is very similar to what you would expect when assembling your Lego models. Yes, the bricks might be a bit stiffer, which could make them harder to insert or pull apart, but they will fit into each other and allow you to complete the overall build of the model.

There are a bigger variety of colors, which tend to offer you more versatility if you want to experiment and add different vibrant colors to the final model with Webrick. The only difference is the quality of the pins, but since Webrick and Lego are compatible with one another, you can easily substitute the Webrick pins for Lego pins.

Once you have the final product, the smaller features like the shock absorbers and elastics would all be functional and make it ideal for those that want to use the model Hoonipigasus. The model will not only be an exposition model model since it has got functional and interesting features.

The small con of the pins does not have such a big effect and when looking at all the pros and cons of the model, the pros would far outweigh the cons when buying the Webrick loose bricks for the Hoonipigasus.

Tips And Tricks For Working With Webrick Bricks

If you choose to go for Webrick, there are a few tips and tricks that you should be aware of that should help you use them more functionally. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Use Them With Lego

If you already own Lego, you will notice that the difference in the quality of pins is one of the first things that come to mind. However, they are compatible and you can easily substitute the Webrick pins for the Lego pins. Once you have the end product, the differences are hardly noticeable.

  • High Clamping Force

Since the Webrick parts are a bit stiffer, they tend to have a higher clamping force, which makes them harder to insert and remove. 

  • Mix And Match Colors

Webrick offers you a wider variety of colors that you can choose from and this would give you more opportunity to diversify your Hoonipigasus or other models. Alternatively, you can even integrate some of the Lego colors to ensure that you have the desired color spectrum.

How Long Does It Take To Build The  Hoonipigasus Using Loose Webrick?

With more than 228 different parts that you need to create, it will take you some time to complete. Upon looking at the instructions you might think that this is one of the hardest models to build. Here you can check the part list and buy the parts needed for the Hoonipigasus of Webrick version. Estimating how long it would take to complete the build would rest on your experience with Webrick and the time you have available.

However, those that spend a little bit of time building each day should not spend more than a week to complete the build. However, serious builders can complete the build in a much faster period.



The Hoonipigasus is one of the newest revolutionary vehicles on the hill climb scene and whilst 2022 might not have been the best year for the Porsche, all hopes rest on 2023. If you don’t feel like waiting until June, you could create your own model Hoonipigasus with Webrick and have some fun at home. Let us know in the comment section what you think of the Hoonipigasus.