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Webrick x gabizon  |  Moisture Vaporator #10 for a Modular Tatooine MOC-56063

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Model Consists Of: 166 parts
Model Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 16 cm
Weight: 0.202 kg
Instruction: PDF instruction
Package: Zipper Plastic Bag
SKU: WA0065Y01
Availability: 99 in stock
USD 22.23
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Moisture Vaporator #10 for a Modular Tatooine

Unveil the Mysteries of the Desert with the Moisture Vaporator Modular Set!

Step into the captivating world of Star Wars and the desert city of Tatooine with the enchanting Moisture Vaporator #10 designed by gabizon. With 166 pieces, this Star Wars collection set is a part of the grand vision of a modular desert city brought to life.

Gabizon's passion for creating immersive cities is evident in the attention to detail and modularity of each building. Explore the vast desert landscape as you access each building individually, revealing a treasure trove of hidden gems within.

The beauty of this collection lies in its versatility. Whether you're an avid Star Wars fan or a lover of architectural marvels, this Moisture Vaporator set is sure to delight and inspire your imagination.


*Video from How to build it on YouTube


Model Statistics

· A build for adults
· Build difficulty: Easy
· Stability: Medium Stable
· Quality bricks: Webrick MOC sets are manufactured from high-quality materials. They're consistent and compatible with all major brick brands.
· Safety ensured: At Webrick, we prioritize safety and quality when it comes to our pieces. That's why we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the safety and durability of this model, providing you with peace of mind.

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